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Therapeutic Bodywork

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Massage Table
Relaxation Swedish

Swedish massage is a very basic, traditional style of massage. Swedish helps move circulation and leaves you feeling refreshed! Various pressures available.
-60, 90, or 120 minutes

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Rain Drop Treatment

Raindrop Treatment is a modality that combines many essential oils, a hot steamy compress and includes a mini back and foot massage. Very relaxing, clearing, gentle.
-60 minutes


Reflexology: Happy Feet

This is a wonderfully nurturing , relaxing experience. It starts with an exfoliating foot scrub, hot steamy towels are applied and an emollient body butter deeply moisturizes the feet. This is followed by awakening acupressure points in the feet and ends with a foot massage.
-30/45 minutes

Image by Ale Romo Photography
Ayurvedic Head and Neck

Most people say this is the most relaxing massage they have ever experienced. Not a thought will be in your head. This massage will leave you feeling blissful.  Includes essential oils, a facial and scalp massage, and neck and shoulder therapeutic session.
- 30/45 minutes

Tailor Made Sessions

Just want to work on the upper body, to open up the back and neck? Or maybe spend 30 minutes just on your  feet? We will put together a session to work on what you want to focus on.  Tailor made just for you.
Includes: DTT/Swedish/Cupping/Hot Stone combo.
-60, 90, 120 minutes


About Frequency Attunements

Harmonic Body, Mind and Soul

In this modern world, the hustle and bustle of fast-paced life and high-tech gadgets can leave us feeling off center, burned out, and out of sync.

Making regular time for Frequency Attunements can help!
 There are a variety of techniques that can help us return to a harmonic vibration. 

There are many ancient energetic healing practices that have been available for centuries or longer. We are energetic beings that vibrate at frequencies, and those frequencies can be  supported and uplifted. 

Frequency Attunement Services:
Lightwork Reiki,  Guided 
Chakra Alignments, Guided Healing Sessions with Affirmation and Guided Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Flow Meditations.

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