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7.17.20 Crab's last stand

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The dog days of summer are in full swing as Cancer season is coming to a close. The Sun has been busy in the last week, going into oppositions with planets that were near the South Node. First Jupiter, then Pluto and now moving into it's meeting point to oppose Saturn. All three opposition planets in Capricorn, which we regard as the wintery most dark time of the year in opposition to the Sun in Cancer, position of the Sun at it's climax, most highest point in the sky (before it's slow decent through the rest of summer into summer's end and fall). The peak of the last opposition Sun to Saturn falls exactly on a New Moon. The New Moon is a time the Sun and Moon are blended, they come together and the moon appears completely empty or dark. The moon is open and begins a New cycle of filling, or appearing known as "Waxing" as it builds in light from a beautiful baby cresent to a full luminous spear of light (Full Moon). The New Moon is a time for quiet, new intentions, seedlings of thought or creativity we want to bring into light or manifestation into the world. During this last week I have felt the energy of the moon, which is the ruling planet of Cancer very strongly. I notice being extremely and usually energized at night. It truly feels I am at the end of a cycle. I feel a sloughing off of old life and ways before Corona Virus becoming very real and solidified in my life. I can not pretend things are going "back" to normal or "back" to reality, the way it was in the recent past before COVID 19. There is a very bittersweet aspect to this energy. For me, first I have felt the loss and sorrow, it has felt heavy and I have grieved strongly. Second, that energy has been followed by hope and and a vision of a new future and new ways of living. Let me know how this energy is affecting you! and what seeds you are planting for the future. If you would like to explore your star chart to see how these planetary alignments may be affecting you reach out and we can schedule a session for just for you! Signing off In Light and with Lots of Love to you!! Alexandra Starr

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